Drop Off and Pick Up

  • How We Start Our Day:
    • As students enter Doull, they are greeted by name from several staff members. Learning at Doull begins promptly at 7:40am.
    • A free healthy breakfast is always provided in the classroom to make sure our students are ready to learn!
    • After breakfast, every classroom begins their day with a community building social-emotional lesson. This helps our students make connections and feel loved so learning can begin.
  • Drop-Off:
    • Students are welcome to arrive at 7:30am to play on the playground with daily adult supervision from 7:40am-7:50am.  Students enter Doull with their teacher at 7:40am.
    • Doull students begin and end every day on our school playground.  As a class, students are picked up on the blacktop by their classroom teachers in the morning at 7:40am.  Families say goodbye on the playground, we have a “kiss & go” policy that all parents follow.  Bus riders are dropped off at the front of school and walk to the playground each morning to meet their teachers.  No students enter through the front door unless students are tardy.
  • Pick-Up:
      • Our school day ends at 2:40pm with parent/family pick-up on the blacktop.  For those with bus transportation, bus are located at the front of Doull.