Welcome to Doull!

Doull Elementary believes that every person, young or old, principal, teacher or student, must be a life long learner in order to achieve success. At Doull we begin that adventure by teaching children to be compassionate, determined and positive citizens in our community.  Tucked deep into the heart of Harvey Park, Doull’s diverse community is centered around student growth and achievement.  Teachers at Doull provide a safe and loving environment and are continually refining their practice in order to effectively meet the educational goals of each individual in their classroom. Whether students are busy working in small cooperative groups, independently, or on their classroom’s cutting edge Promethean Board, or exploring our outdoor learning landscape, critical thinking is taking place. Students are the heart of our work here at Doull.  Our hallways and classrooms are filled with our greatest treasures, our kids!

Every Child Succeeds!

*Students First

We put our kids’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.


We tell the truth, and we keep our promises.


We celebrate our diversity and will provide the necessary resources and supports to eliminate barriers to success and foster a more equitable future for all our kids.


Together as a team, we think, we work, and we create in order to reach our goals.


We take responsibility for our individual and collective commitments; we grow from success; we learn from failure.


We celebrate the joy in our work and foster in our students a joy and passion for learning to last their whole lives.