Mile High Scholars!

Posted: May 24, 2018

Last week we had a chance to celebrate one scholar from every classroom who was selected to be in the running for Mile High Scholar.  Although we could only select 2 students to represent Doull, all of these students are exceptional leaders in our school.  We invited all of them to attend our Sundae Making Party.  Congratulations to:

Jaqueline Martinez

Bryanna Barton

Mark Mercier

Eduardo Peña

Aiden Venegas

Gabriella Luna

Erick Torres

Abby Williams

Allison Navarro-Araiza

Isabelle Mercier

Iara Mendez

Eniyah Naverette

Diana Acevado

Giana Valdez

Emilio Valdez

Daniel Meraz

Victoria Sanchez

Two students were drawn to represent Doull and meet Mayor Hancock…. Abby Williams and Mark Mercier!