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Office Staff

Carrigan, Jodie

Jodie Carrigan (email)


Jodie (Jo) Carrigan is a Denver native and graduate of DPS.  She received her undergraduate and masters degree from the University of Colorado and completed her principal licensure program at the University of Denver.  Jo began as a teacher in DPS right out of college and is beginning her 19th year as an educator in Denver Public Schools.  During her time as a classroom teacher, Jo taught grades 2nd through 5th before becoming a facilitator and then moving into administration.  Jo is starting her 6th year as Principal of Doull Elementary.  There’s nothing she would rather do then spend time with her family!  For fun Jo loves to hike, ride four wheelers, and spend time in the mountains with her family and dogs Keely & Rocky.   Jo considers herself a lifelong learner and strives to instill the love for learning in every student in the school.  Jo believes passionately in growing the whole child and values the importance of education as well as the social emotional needs of the students she serves at Doull.  Jo loves playing for Team Doull!


 Suglia, Rob

Rob Suglia (email)

Assistant Principal

Rob Suglia is from Buffalo, NY and struggled in school until a teacher helped to identify him with a learning disability. Rob was taught new ways to learn and used those strategies to earn a doctorate in educational leadership from the University at Buffalo in 2008. Rob has worked in education since 1999 as an administrator and special education teacher. He completed a joint principal licensure program with DPS from the University of Denver in 2015.  Rob and his wife Tara live 4 short miles from Doull with their baby daughter Tahlia and their puppy, Chewbacca (“Chewy”), that likes to chew and eat everything that he should not. Rob is excited to start his sixth year in DPS as a part of the Doull family.


Enderich, Tammy

Tammy Enderich (email)


Tammy has worked in Denver Public Schools for 22 years.  Most of this time has been at Doull.


Luna, Patrica

Patricia Luna (email)

Office Para

Patricia Luna was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  She has been working for Doull for 8 years.  Patricia is married with 4 daughters – Celeste, Alondra, Alejandra and Gabriella.  Patricia enjoys spending time with her daughters, going to their softball games, and especially shopping.

Beverly Pexton


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Zilch, Dawn

Dawn Zilch (email)

Dawn Zilch was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  She earned her  B.A. in Spanish from St. Louis University, attending campuses in both Missouri and in Madrid, Spain.  She completed her teaching degree at Metro State College of Denver, and has her master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University.  Dawn has taught English and Spanish in Madrid and has been an ECE teacher for the past 14 years in Denver Public Schools.   Dawn loves snow skiing in the winter and water skiing in the summer with her husband and two children.    She also enjoys hiking and camping in the mountains with her family and their dog, Luna.

Stevens, Amy

Amy Stevens (email)

Amy is a 4th generation native of Colorado. She grew up in the same beautiful home where her mother and siblings grew up! She went directly from two years of college for her AA degree to The Montessori International Teacher Training Program. It is the base of her teaching practices! Amy taught in a Montessori school, took time off to raise her children, and went back to Metropolitan State College for a Traditional Education Degree, which is the perfect compliment to her Montessori education! She found her home at Doull 9 years ago and feels fortunate to be in this amazing school. Her first love is the mountains, and anywhere with water. Give her a hike with a lake or stream nearby and that is a perfect day. She plays tennis, reads and reads; likes entertaining, decorating and cooking! Family is number one: Amy is married with 2 boys, 8 siblings, and a generous amount of nieces and nephews. Teaching ECE is her passion!


Santana, Yamileh

Yamileh Santana (email)

Yamileh Santana was born and raised in New York City. At the age of twelve, she moved to Denver, Colorado with her family and attended middle school and high school in Denver Public Schools. Upon graduating high school, she attended the University of Colorado-Denver where she graduated with a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. She has taught E.C.E., Kindergarten, and 3rd grade in Denver Public Schools for the last 10 years. She is currently teaching E.C.E. (4 year-old children) and loves seeing these beautiful little people grow physically, academically, and socially throughout  the school year. She enjoys reading, especially her favorite book, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Watching the newest animated movie, rollerblading and riding her bike with her beautiful daughter Sophia is her definition of a “perfect day.” Spending time and traveling with her family is her favorite pastime. Ms. Santana loves the beautiful mountains of Colorado, however, she hopes to return to the island of her ancestors-the beautiful, sunny, tropical island of Puerto Rico.


Jessica Carswell (email)

Jessica Carswell grew up in the small town of Thermopolis Wyoming.  Upon graduating from high school Jessica attended the University of Wyoming where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development with an Early Childhood Education teaching endorsement.  She began her teaching career at the University of Wyoming’s Early Care and Education Center where she taught preschool for three years.  Jessica then moved to Denver where she began teaching preschool at the University of Denver’s Fisher Early Learning Center.  Jessica spent six years teaching at Fisher and during her time working there developed a strong passion for Special Education.  Jessica completed her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Denver in the spring of 2016.  Jessica joined team Doull in fall 2016 and is so grateful for the opportunity to teach at such an amazing school in DPS!  In her spare time outside of the classroom Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, soaking up sun at the lake in the summer, skiing in the winter, reading, attempting to be crafty, and traveling whenever the opportunity presents itself.




Zuniga, Sylvia

Sylvia Zuniga (email)

Sylvia Zuniga was born in California and moved to Colorado when she was twelve years old. She attended Denver Public Schools and graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. She completed her B.A. and Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Mrs. Zuniga is beginning her 16 year of teaching. She has three children, Gabriela, Sebastian, Marco and a step son, Diego with her husband Gabriel. The thing she loves the most is spending time with her children. She enjoys reading to her children and students. One of her favorite books to read to her students and children is Love you Forever by Robert N. Munsch.


 Block-Zinser, Suzanne

Suzanne Block-Zinser

Suzanne is from Wisconsin and has lived in Colorado since 1993.  She has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a master’s degree in education from CU Boulder.  Suzanne has taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and English as a second language.  She most recently served in AmeriCorps, working with families in their homes on preschool curriculum.  Suzanne has a special place in her heart for Doull and its families because she started her teaching career here 19 years ago.   Suzanne has two children, loves to spend time outside, runs each day, and sings and plays guitar. She is so happy to be a part of Team Doull and have the opportunity to work with our students and families!


 Kendall, Tela

Tela Kendall (email)

Tela grew up in Oregon and moved to Colorado six years ago.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and then moved to Denver to pursue her Master’s Degree in Social Work.  Tela worked as a social worker for several years before deciding that she wanted to teach.  She went back to school and received her Master’s Degree in education.  Outside of teaching, Tela loves reading, finding new recipes to cook, and running with her dog.



1st Grade

Prentice, Kelley

Kelley Prentice (email)

Kelley has been a teacher here at Doull for the past 8 years.  She has taught first grade for the past five years and before that taught first\second grade split.  She has loved being a part of the Doull community and has many great memories of the time she has spent with ALL of her kids.  She is so proud of all of her students and is excited to continue to see them grow and learn even more.  She wants them all to remember to ALWAYS try their best no matter how hard it seems they CAN do it!

Schnase, Kelli

Kelli Schnase (email)

Kelli Schnase is a Metro State undergrad and she received her Masters degree from Grand Canyon University in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages. This will be her 16 year in education, where she has taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th. Ms. Schnase has also worked for 7 years as the Children’s Director of her church working with children from 3-12 year olds. She has enjoyed traveling and is close to visiting all 50 states! In her spare time, she loves playing volleyball, tennis, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family and dogs! She is so happy to be at Doull with all these amazing families and children!!


McClatchey, Meri

Meri McClatchey (email)

Meri was born in Quito- Ecuador, she moved to the United States in June 1998. She graduated in Universidad Central del Ecuador and got her Masters Degree in Literacy through Lesley University. She was a teacher in Ecuador for four years and started working with DPS since 2000. Her hobbies are Jazzercise and she loves to spend time with her husband Bill supporting his car racing habits. She has no kids but she has two rambunctious Golden retrievers named Apollo and Zoe that act like children. She loves to read Mem Fox children’s books with her students.


2nd Grade

 Steddom, Bridgette

Bridgette Steddom (email)


 Bolivar Rubin, Claudine

Claudine Bolivar

Claudine is originally from Venezuela. She came to Colorado 14 years ago. She completed her masters in Second Language Acquisition and Spanish Literature at University of Colorado Denver. She has taught in Aurora for 3 years. This is her second year teaching at Doull Elementary. Claudine will teach second grade ELA- S. She loves to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, learning new languages, and as a good Latin-American, she also loves cooking and dancing.


Graham, Jane

Jane Graham (email)

Jane has lived in Colorado for 26 years. She completed her masters in Literacy Education at Walden University. She has taught in Denver for 21 years. She spends a lot of time with her family and especially with her granddaughters Emma and Haylee. She enjoys traveling, going to the mountains, and reading. Her favorite childhood author is Roald Dahl.


3rd Grade

Brougham, Kathy

Kathy Brougham (email)

Mrs. Brougham graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. For many years she used her knowledge and skills with animals to educate students of all ages about wildlife, history, and the world around them. She worked at the Seattle Aquarium in the state of Washington, Colorado’s Ocean Journey/the Denver Aquarium, the Denver Zoo, and the Plains Conservation Center. After many years, she decided to change her focus from teaching the same things to new students each day to teaching the same group of students and watching them grow their knowledge and make connections over a longer period of time. Mrs. Brougham became a reading and writing paraprofessional at Southmoor Elementary in DPS for one year to make sure this was the right move for her.  It was!  She enrolled in a master’s degree program to gain her teaching license and Master of Education at Regis University. After substitute teaching for about 6 months, Mrs. Brougham was hired on at Doull Elementary School to be a 3rd grade teacher. She still brings her love of animals into the classroom each year through themes and extra lessons regarding different animals throughout the year. She lives in Denver with her husband and 2 cats, Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud. When she is not working, Mrs. Brougham enjoys taking vacations to far-off lands (especially cruises), horseback riding, and spending time with her extended family.

 Roldan, Julian

Julian Roldan (email)

Julian was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to Colorado at age 12. He received a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and was a corporate accountant for 8 years. During this time, he volunteered as an at-risk youth mentor and camp counselor for several years until he decided to change careers and become a teacher via the Denver Teacher Residency program (DTR). Now in his 3rd year of teaching, Julian enjoys running, traveling, house projects, food and spending time with friends and family. (email)


Schwartz, Kyle

Kyle Schwartz (email)

Kyle grew up in Colorado. She earned a bachelor’s degree at Xavier University. While working in schools in Washington, D.C, she realized she wanted to teach. Soon, she moved to Chile to work with the United Nations Development Fund and the Chilean Ministry of Education. After all these adventures, she returned to Denver to earn a graduate degree at the University of Denver. She loves teaching students how to write poetry.


4th Grade

Pierce, Carole

Carole Pierce (email)

Carole grew up in the small town of Carthage, Missouri.  For college, she attended Mid-America Nazarene University.  She has taught in Kansas, Missouri, and Denver, Colorado.  Her hobbies are shopping, scrapbooking, painting, flower gardening, and reading.  She loves spending time with her 4 children, 3 granddaughters, and Labrador retriever. Marley and Me is her favorite book to read to her class because Marley reminds her of her dog.  She loves the challenge of finding new ways to use technology in her classroom to enhance her students’ learning.


Gomez, Barb

Barb Gomez (email)

Barb was born in Anaheim, California and traveled a lot as a child. Her family moved to Colorado in 1981. After high school she went to UNC and received her Teaching Degree and Master’s Degree in Education.  She has an thirteen-year-old son and a Labrador puppy named Thunder. Barb enjoys baking and traveling. Barb has been a fourth grade teacher at Doull for ten years.



 Heffron, Dean

Dean Heffron (email)

Dean Heffron moved to Denver right after high school where he completed his B.A in English at Regis University and Colorado State University. While gaining certifications as a ski instructor, he began to consider teaching as a future career. He substitute taught and tutored English in Montevideo, Uruguay, and later Spanish, English and science at the Denver School of Science and Technology where an administrator suggested he gain teacher licensure through the New Teacher Project’s Denver Teaching Fellows. Now in his 5th year of teaching, Dean enjoys learning from his students, classes, friends, family, colleagues, travels, books and friends. Dean has continued taking graduate courses in literacy and is on his way to earning a graduate level certificate in guided reading. He believes in focusing on making himself a better educator rather than worrying about problems outside the classroom that he cannot control. As three sport athlete through high school and a NCAA collegiate athlete, physical activity remains an integral part of Dean’s life. Now he loves staying active chasing around and playing with his 2 year old Theo and training.


5th Grade

 Robinson, Ryan

 Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is so excited to teach for Doull Elementary in the southwest region of Denver.  He instructs math, reading, writing, social studies, science, technology and highly effective character traits for fifth grade students. Mr. Robinson is a very optimistic, glass is half full kind of person, with a twist of realism, energy and a huge passion for bettering the lives of his students.  He believes that you have to always think positive, especially when working with kids and focus on the great things they do.  He also know how to think outside the box so he can find the best way to deliver the content to his learners.  Ryan is creative, determined, laid back, but very passionate and serious about bettering the lives and futures of his students.  Mr. Robinson grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and attended college on an athletic scholarship in Kansas.  Ryan moved back to Colorado to finish his degree at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating from College, he worked in the business world for 3 years before deciding to go back to college for his teaching degree.  Mr. Robinson has taught for eight years and  loves every second of it.  He has lived in China, Guatemala and Argentina, but nothing beats Colorado.  He is so happy to be home and working for Doull.  He have two dogs, Dublin and Charlie, and loves spending time with his parents, brother and friends.  He loves all Colorado sports teams, especially the Broncos and Buffaloes.  On the weekends you can find him skiing or golfing, working on his home or relaxing.  Mr. Robinson is so excited for a wonderful year!

Malisani, Janessa

Janessa Boulay (email)

My name is Ms. Malisani and I am a 5th grade teacher here at Doull! Three words that describe me would be active, spontaneous and joyful. I love to do anything that involves increasing my heart rate like running, water skiing, snow skiing, rock climbing, and ice climbing. I am a certified Dive Master which means I can take people diving. The deepest I’ve been is 152ft! I have a Golden doodle dog who is a crazy nutcase. Her name is Layla and she enjoys long walks on Green Mountain and eating all of my trash when I’m not home. I’m super pumped for this year and cannot wait to learn more about my kiddos and their passions!

 Suarez, Karla

Karla Suarez

Karla Suarez was born in Guatemala, but moved to New York with her family when she was three years old. Karla lived in Brooklyn, NY until fourth grade, when her family moved to a tiny town in the Catskills. After Karla graduated from high school, she went to Beloit College in Wisconsin for her Bachelor’s degree. Next, Karla lived in beautiful Cape Cod and bustling New York City before moving to far away Hungary to teach English in a high school for three years. Shortly after returning to the U.S., Karla moved to majestic Colorado. Here Karla got a job teaching for Denver Public Schools and went on to obtain a master’s degree from Lesley University and a doctorate degree from Walden University. Karla is married, has two lovely daughters, a grumpy cat and playful puppy..




Special Education Services

Katie Self (email)

Katie Self is from a suburb of Seattle, Washington.  She earned a BA in Spanish from Western Washington University where she had the opportunity to study abroad in Morelia, Mexico, and Cádiz, Spain.  After college, Katie taught English in China for two years.  She worked as a classroom teacher in DPS while getting her teaching license from Metro State College of Denver.  She spent a few years at home with her children, and later got her BA level speech language pathology assistant classes from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Katie earned a master’s degree in Special Education with a focus on linguistically and culturally diverse students from the University of Colorado at Denver.  She lives in Aurora, CO with her husband, Ryan, who is also a teacher, and her two sons, Jonah (age 11) and Grady (age 10).  She loves spending time with them at parks, museums, and outings.  She also volunteers with adults and children with special needs through the special needs program at her church.  Katie loves being a teacher and looks forward to starting her ninth year in DPS, first year at Doull. 



Hubbell, Troy

Troy Hubbell (email)

Troy is excited to be returning for his fifth year teaching, and his third year at Doull.  Troy attended college at the University of Redlands where he got his BA in philosophy and psychology.  Troy got his graduate degree in teaching from the University of Denver through the Denver Teacher Residency program.

 Faircloth, Kimmi

Kimmi Estep (email)

Kimmi was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  After graduating from Cherry Creek High School, she left Denver and moved to Seattle, Washington to attend college.  It was while attending the University of Washington that Kimmi decided to get her Master’s Degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.  Kimmi is currently studying to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam and is excited to continue to grow as a Special Educator.  Helping each child reach their highest potential is Kimmi’s passion.   Kimmi loved living in Seattle and enjoyed being so near to the ocean, but Denver always felt like home. After teaching in Seattle for four years, Kimmi, her fiancé, and her dog all made the move back to sunny Colorado.

Kimmi is so happy to be back in her hometown and teaching at Doull.  She can’t wait to spend her winters skiing and her summers hiking.   Kimmi also enjoys traveling, cooking, running, and spending time with her family.

Bridget Feldbush (email)

Bridget was born and raised in California and moved to Denver after graduating from Loma Linda University in 2013. This is her first year working in DPS and is so excited to be a part of the Doull community. Outside of school Bridget enjoys traveling, snowboarding, anything Disney related, and spending time with her husband and two dogs Javathepup and Shoisse.


 Malie, Lynn

Lynn Malie (email)

Multi Intensive Intermediate

This is my third year at Doull as the Multi-Intensive special education teacher and I love it here!  Previously, I worked on the East Coast for 4 years.  Before that I was a teacher and a paraprofessional at Park Hill School for 7 years.  Outside of work I enjoy running, camping, reading and playing with my little orange kitty, Elmer and my new dog Susie.




Graeber, Carla

Carla Graeber (email)

School Psychologist

Carla Graeber is originally from Connecticut, but has lived in Colorado since she was 18 years old. She loves being a School Psychologist at Doull because she gets the opportunity to work with students from all the grade levels in lots of different ways. She has a variety of responsibilities at Doull, including Special Education testing, counseling with individual students and groups, helping students improve their attendance, and coordinating Totes of Hope and other programs for families who need a little extra help. When she is not at school, you can find Ms. Graeber spending time with her two children, skiing in Winter Park, cooking her favorite recipes, and reading. Her favorite books are the entire Harry Potter series, and she believes that the book is ALWAYS better than the movie!

Marybeth Toerpe (email)

Speech Language Pathologist

Barbara grew up in the Chicago area and came to Colorado after graduate school. She loves to read, hike, spend time with family and enjoy the beautiful Colorado mountains. She has always enjoyed the great children she works with at Doull. Barbara and her husband have two adult children: a daughter in Minnesota and a son in Colorado. They have a spoiled golden retriever named Charlie.

 Specials/ Enrichment

 Tait, Cindy

Cindy Tait (email)

Physical Education

Cindy is a Colorado native.  She received her undergraduate degree from Metro State University and her master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado, both in physical education. She started teaching in DPS in 1985.   She is fascinated by how the body works and has spent the last several years getting certified as a holistic health coach and a posture alignment specialist.  She loves to incorporate health and nutrition into her physical education program and believes that you are never to young or old to start making healthier choices.   Her favorite quote is, “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”


 Mercier, Jamie

Jamie Mercier (email)

Physical Education/ Dance/ STR

Jamie Mercier has been teaching for Denver Public Schools since 2007 and loves working here at Doull Elementary. Jamie grew up in the Denver area and attended Metro State University where he earned his Bachelors degree in Human Performance and Sport, with an emphasis in Dancing. He also attended Regis University for his master’s degree in Instructional Technology. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. His hobbies include, but not limited to, skiing, hiking, camping, dancing, fixing up his house, working on computers, and finding new and exciting programs to make education fun. 


 Swanson, Karissa

Karissa Swanson (email)


This is Karissa’s second year at Doull and 12th year of teaching general music. Karissa grew up in the midwest, where she loved playing piano, playing cello in the orchestra, accompanying school musicals on the piano, and singing with the high school’s traveling show choir. She moved to Colorado in 2005 for her first teaching job. Most of her teaching has been in Colorado except for a 2-year contract in Morocco. Karissa earned her BA in Music Education from St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN) and an MS in Education from Walden University. She has a certification in Orff-Schulwerk, which she studied at the San Francisco international Orff school. Karissa loves to teach music, and also to be a musician. She performs with the St. Martin’s Chamber Choir and loves to play the piano and drum. For fun, Karissa likes to be outside (running, hiking, camping), cooking a delicious meal, or reading a good book.

Bailey, Alison

Alison Fowler


Alison Fowler is a native of Colorado. She completed her undergrad at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley with a degree in visual arts and education.  Alison just got married over the summer and is still getting used to her new name, Mrs. Fowler. She has been teaching for seven years all within DPS. Six of those years right here at Doull, the best school around!  Alison enjoys creating art, the outdoors, playing with her wild dog Dexter, and spending time with family and friends.  Alison loves to teach art to kids of all ages and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.




Woods, Kristin

Kris Woods (email)

Gifted & Talented

Ms. Woods came to Doull in 2013.  This year she is teaching Challenge and gifted and talented groups every day. Before moving to Denver in 2006, Kris Woods taught at many schools with an international focus.  Kris spent the longest time in Thailand;  both of her sons were born there.  Ms. Woods enjoys cycling on the Bear Creek bike path, reading, and spending time with her family.  One of her favorite authors is Carl Hiassen.  During Chinese New Year you can find her at many Lion Dances at local restaurants, nail salons, and Asian supermarkets.  Ms. Woods would like to learn Spanish.  If you see her at King Soopers, teach her some Spanish words or phrases! Her new interest is “tiny houses!”



Intervention Staff

 Bergstrom, Randy

Randy Bergstrom (email)

Randy is originally from Minnesota. He received his undergraduate degree in Education and Master’s in Math Education from Bemidji State University. He taught in Virginia and Albertville, Minnesota and Eagle, Colorado before landing in Denver Public Schools. He is in his 10th year at Doull Elementary School and his 18th year overall.  He feels like he has a great opportunity to help students reach their potential and strives to do this everyday as an educator. He really enjoys being a part of the Doull Community.

Randy loves spending time with his family camping, fishing and just hanging out and enjoying their company. Family is so special to him.

Minton, Laura

Laura Minton

Laura is from Indiana and moved to Denver in 2006 and has been working for Denver Public Schools ever since. This is her eight year at Doull and she loves the community here. She is passionate about teaching students how to read, one of her favorite books is the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Outside of Doull, you either find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband, two small children, and tiny dog Nancy or curled up with a warm cup of tea and a great book.

 Tafoya, Rosella

Rosella Tafoya

Rosella was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She moved to Colorado 13 years ago after marrying her husband.  She began her career in education as a para professional in an affective needs classroom for 3 years. During this time she went back to school to earn a teaching license, special education and physical education endorsement and a master degree in Special Education.  She graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver. Go Buffs!!! In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. She is very excited to have been given the opportunity of working with the students and families at Doull!!!


Paraprofessional Support Staff

Trujillo, Lillian

Lillian Trujillo (email)

ECE Para

Lillian was born in the San Luis Valley and has lived in the Denver Metro Area for 40 years.  Lillian has worked at Doull Elementary for 27 years as an ECE paraprofessional. She enjoys working with young children. Throughout the years she has had the pleasure of watching her students grow up and has had their children in her class as well.   Lillian has been married for 42 years.  She has three children and nine grandchildren. On her spare time, Lillian likes to walk and spend time with her grandchildren.

Maestas, Karen

Karen Maestas (email)

ECE Para

Karen is a Denver native.  She has been at Doull 23 years. First, as a parent, then as a paraprofessional.  She loves to spend time with her husband Dale, two children Christopher and Holly, and two granddaughters Cecilia and Serenity. Karen’s hobbies include scrap booking, reading and collecting recipes to cook for her family.

Stanley, Debra

Debra Stanley (email)

ECE Para

Debra is a native of Colorado. She has worked for DPS as a paraprofessional for 15 years, 11 of those years have been spent at Doull Elementary. She has been married to her husband for 35 years and is looking forward to many more.  She has 3 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren, with whom she enjoys spending her time with. She also enjoys the occasional country music concert and a walk in the mountains.

Montoya, Germaine

Germaine Montoya (email)

ECE Para

Germaine has worked at Doull Elementary for many years. She is originally from San Luis, Colorado and is the fourth of 10 siblings.  She has three grown sons and four grandchildren.  Her four grandchildren are very involved in sports and she loves to watch them play at all their sports.  She loves working with the children here at Doull.

 Brown, Jessica  

Jessica Brown (email)

Kindergarten Para

Jessica is a DPS native and is enjoying her third year as a kindergarten Paraprofessional at Doull. She recently graduated from University of Colorado at Denver where she received her BA in Political Science. There are plans on going back to school to continue her education when time and money permits! After interning with “Reading Partners,” Jessica decided her heart and commitment would be in education and children. When she’s not at Doull, Jessica is usually working as a server at Olive Garden, spending time with her lovely puppy Stella, enjoying live music, reading, or catching up on Netflix :)

 Tellez, Guadalupe

Guadalupe Tellez (email)

Kindergarten Para

Guadalupe is a Colorado native who graduated from DPS.  Attending Denver Public Schools, she grew a fondness for mentoring younger students. She then studied Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado. After her second year at Doull she decided to take a new path in studying Neuroscience, when the money permits, she would love to go back to school! This is now her fourth year at Doull and she’s excited as ever to return to all the student’s wonderful smiling faces !

In her free time she enjoys being an awesome aunt to all her nephews and nieces, taking trips to the library or mountains,  tickling her tastebuds with goodness, and watching great movies.

 Martinexz, Denene

Denene Martinez (email)

Kindergarten Para

Denene Martinez is a Denver Native and third generation DPS employee. She graduated from George Washington HS, studied at Colorado State University and currently attends Metro State University as an Environmental Sciences Major.  She enjoys reading and is a huge Sci-Fi fanatic. This is her fourth year at Doull as a Kindergarten Para and she enjoys being part of such a beautiful community.

 Caldera, Cecilia

Cecilia (Ceci) Caldera

Special Needs Para

 Graves, Jolene

Jolene Graves (email)

MI Primary Para

Jolene is 24 years old. This is her third year in MI and she loves it!  She enjoys board games and spending time with her beautiful baby girl.

Danielle Ingram

MI Primary Para

Danielle is a Colorado native who grew up in Basalt, Colorado.  She earned her B.A. in Creative Writing from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL.  She then earned her Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver.  Before coming to Doull Danielle was a Research Librarian at a law firm.  She will be returning to the University of Denver this fall to pursue a M.A. in Early Childhood Special Education.  Outside of work and school Danielle likes to ski, hike, read, write, and spend time with her friends and family.  Danielle is excited to be helping out in the 3 & 4 year old ECE classroom at Doull this year!

 Huber, Tim

Tim Huber

MI Intermediate Para

Tim is 28 years old. He is one of the Doull Community Garden Leaders.

 Takajjart, Justin

Justin Takajjart

MI Intermediate Para

Justin Takajjart is excited to return to Doull. This is his third year teaching and he absolutely loves it. Before teaching he worked at Red Rocks where he was able to get close to the music he enjoys. After working for many years in that field he finally opened the door to his career. With a bachelor’s in psychology from Adams State University Justin decided to start teaching. Working in the MI room has really paved the way for Justin. With this being the start of his career we cannot wait to see what doors will open!

Lariza Cantu

General Para


 Murphy, Ana

Ana Murphy

Health Aid

Ana Murphy was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and has been living in Denver for 12 years. This is Ana’s 3rd year in Doull and has worked with most teachers at Doull in her roles in the MI primary room, health office and library. She has two daughters and a new baby boy. Ana enjoys cooking, running and being outdoors.


 Facility Management Staff

 Schikowsky, Chris

Chris Schikowsky

Facility Manager

Christopher Schikowsky was born and raised in Denver, Colorado in the Washington Park neighborhood. He started working in a carpentry shop and on small job sites around the Denver area at age 13. In 2006, Chris graduated from Denver South High and joined Denver Public Schools’ facilities shortly afterwards. After a few years, Chris was promoted to Assistant Facility Manager. In 2012, Chris joined Team Doull as our school’s Facility Manager. In this position, Chris and his team have been recognized for Doull’s high level of cleanliness and maintenance.

On his spare time he enjoys the physical pursuits of fitness races. Chris completed his first marathon in 2015.

 Fellman, Sean

Sean Fellman (email)

Assistant Facility Manager

Sam Pacheco



Sam Pacheco is a Denver native. He has been working for Doull for almost a full year. He has 3 daughters, which 2 of them attend a DPS school. Sam worked security at the court house for 8 years and worked for the Sheriff’s Dept for 8 years. Sam enjoys spending family time all year round and loves football, basketball and tries to stay active.


Kitchen Staff

Knowlton, Kathy

Kathy Knowlton (Mrs. Kathy)

Lunchroom Manager

Kathy is a Denver native. She was raised in Littleton and graduate from Littleton High School. Kathy has worked for Denver Public Schools for 23 years. She started out in food service at Henry Middle School as a worker. In 2009 she went into Management.

Kathy is married to Dennis (who is now retired) they have 2 children a son Rick he is married to Alicia and they have 2 girls Haley who is 14 years old and Morghan who is 10 years old. She also as a daughter Rhonda who is married to Terry and they have 2 girls Jasmine who is 12 years old and Jada who is 10 years old.

Kathy loves being with her family, also she love to scrapbook, reading and go camping in the summer with her family.

Solis, Maria

Maria Solis

Maria is a Colorado native with two children. Maria graduated from Knapp, Kepner and West High School – all Denver Public Schools! Maria is an 8 year DPS veteran.

 Gonzales, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Gonzales

Mary is a Colorado native and attended Greenlee Elementary, Baker Junior High and graduated from West High School. Mary has been working at Doull for two years and enjoys spending time with her two children, 7 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren!

Maria Gonzales

Maria grew up in Mexico and came to America when she was 16 years old. Last year Maria became an America citizen! Maria has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Maria has been with DPS for 17 years!