2016-2017 Staff

Office Staff

  • Principal - Jodie Carrigan (email)
  • Assistant Principal – (email)
  • Secretary:  Tammy Enderich (email)
  • Office Support:  Patricia Luna (email)
  • School Psychologist:  Carla Graeber (email)
  • Nurse:  Beverly Pexton
  • Health Para/ Library/Office Support:  Ana Murphy
  • Facility Manager- Chris Schikowsky

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  • Dawn Zilch (email)
  • Amy Stevens (email)
  • Yamileh Santana (email)
  • Jessica Carswell, 3/4 yr old (email)


  • Sylvia Zuniga (email)
  • Suzanne Block (email)
  • Tela Kendall (email)

1st Grade

2nd Grade

  • Bridgette Steddom (email)
  • Jane Graham (email)

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Multi Intensive Primary: Bridget Morgan

Multi Intensive Intermediate:  Lynn Malie (email)

Physical Education: Cindy Tait (email)

Physical Education and Technology Support: Jamie Mercier (email)

Music: Karissa Swanson (email)

Art: Alison Fowler (email)

Speech Language Pathologist: Marybeth Toerpe (email)

Special Education Services

  • Katie Self
  • Troy Hubbell (email)
  • Kimmi Estep

Gifted & Talented: Kris Woods (email)

Intervention Staff: 

  • Randy Bergstrom
  • Rosella Tafoya

Paraprofessional Support Staff

  • Lillian Trujillo (email)
  • Karen Maestas (email)
  • Germaine Montoya (email)
  • Debra Stanley (email)
  • Tim Huber
  • Justin Takajjart
  • Jessica Brown
  • Guadalupe Tellez
  • Denene Martinez
  • Cecilia Caldera
  • Jolene Graves
  • Felicia Patterson
  • Ana Murphy
  • Lariza Cantu
  • Danielle Ingram


Carrigan, Jodie

Staff Biographies

Office Staff Jodie Carrigan (email) Principal Jodie (Jo) Carrigan is a Denver native and graduate of DPS.  She received her undergraduate and masters degree from the University of Colorado and completed her principal licensure program at the University of Denver.  Jo began as a teacher in DPS right out of college and is beginning her …

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