May 20

CORRECTION!! 5th Grade Continuation May 31st/ La continuación de 5to Grado el 31 de Mayo


Mark your calendars…5th Grade Continuation and last day of school is on May 31st at 8:30 am.  We hope to see you there!

Marquen su calendario… La continuación de 5to Grado y su ultimo dia de clases será el 31de Mayo a las 8:30am. Esperamos verlos a todos!


May 18

Fishing Club…what FUN!!

These students learned so much and had such a great time learning how to fish with Mr. Mercier! 

IMG_3636 IMG_3641 IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649 IMG_3650IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3641

May 18

No ECE May 19th

dont forget

There will be no classes for ECE Friday, May 19th.

No hay clases para ECE el viernes 19 de Mayo.


May 17

Cross Stitch Club!

This group had an AMAZING time learning to cross stitch with the wonderful Ms. McClatchey!  What FUN!!

IMG_0572 IMG_0574 IMG_0575 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583

May 17

Field Day May 26th

field day

Field Day Friday, May 26th / Dia de Actividades para los niños Viernes, 26 de mayo:


8:20-11:00am:  Kinder, 2nd, 4th grades 

12:10-2:50pm:  1st, 3rd, 5th grades



May 16

3rd Grade Field Trip May 17th/ 17 de Mayo


Reminder:  3rd grade has a field trip to the Denver Performing Arts Complex on May 17th.  Please bring a sack lunch.

Recordatorio: Los estudiantes de 3er grado tiene un paseo al Complejo de Artes Escénicas de Denver el 17 de Mayo, Porfavor de traer su comida.


May 14

Happy Mother’s Day!!


May 14

5th grade field trip May 15th/ 15 de Mayo

denver museum of nature and science logo

Reminder:  5th graders have a field trip to the Museum of Nature and Science on May 15th Please bring a sack lunch.

Recordatorio: Los estudiantes de 5to grado tienen un paseo al Museo de Ciencia y Naturaleza el 15 de Mayo. Por Favor de traer su comida.


May 12

Mother’s Day Tea Today!

Room 103, 104, & 105 had a chance to celebrate all the amazing woman (mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and others) who support and love our amazing students.  Mother’s Day Tea had an incredible turnout, thank you for coming to be honored and for all that you do!

IMG_0554 IMG_0553 IMG_0552 IMG_0551 IMG_0550 IMG_0549 IMG_0546 IMG_0544 IMG_0543 IMG_0542 IMG_0540 0512171135b 0512171135-2 0512171132b 0512171132

May 12

Bike To School Day at Doull!

Walk or Bike To School Day was a huge success today!  We had so many families participate in this great event!  Such an awesome way to start off our day!  Way to go Doull Owls…hoot hoot!

18485578_1574534742577625_2327841554436144044_n 18403612_1574534992577600_3569799733689806116_n 18423675_1574534915910941_7493333418662620111_n 18423816_1574534775910955_3455137839262783661_n 18423928_1574534712577628_20466907445749873_n 18423961_1574534882577611_6779848821177754679_n 18425217_1574535009244265_4423078363169926131_n 18485349_1574534812577618_7693086279087751122_n 18402736_1574534959244270_8947090729499617944_n

May 12

More Teacher Appreciation!

Check out our 4th grader Abby celebrating her teacher Lynn Malie on the DPSwebsite.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.34.54 PM

May 11

Oceanography Club- Dissection Day!

I’ve had so much fun with these little scientists in my Oceanography Club on Thursdays after school.  Today they had an opportunity to learn about the incredible features of squid during our dissection.  Way to go Elvin, Osiel, Destiny, Faith, and Sonny! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

18446577_1573488692682230_4067409287942929451_n 18425451_1573488792682220_5446220216048379270_n 18423731_1573488599348906_6107867162248237073_n 18403126_1573488992682200_2377312752594172035_n 18342271_1573488789348887_1828602711126125614_n 18403209_1573488729348893_8839651797208503325_n 18342491_1573488929348873_8388218053526109823_n 18403572_1573488676015565_4830550380127607657_n 18342554_1573489002682199_8650231184854395251_n 18342641_1573488906015542_7911434524542116220_n 18403684_1573488962682203_1509913018575910873_n 18403706_1573488579348908_3324081689523592843_n 18342827_1573488839348882_6894997849594930696_n 17990696_1573488822682217_154994920939378635_n 18342171_1573488879348878_6076925586902397364_n 18402929_1573488642682235_4444625280507126761_n 18402964_1573488612682238_6974729998168781611_n 18403745_1573488712682228_2699444983225464235_n 18423690_1573488652682234_8600764334745158443_n

May 11

Kinder Graduation June / 1st el 1 de junio


Kinder Graduation will be June 1st at 8:10am in the auditorium / el 1 de junio a las 08:10 am en el auditorio



May 10

Continuación de 5to grado será el 31 de mayo a las 8:30/ 5th Grade Continuation- May 31st 8:30am


Continuación de 5to grado será el 31 de mayo a las 8:30 am en el patio de recreo (si el tiempo lo permite).   31 °de mayo  Ultimo dia de clases para de 5to grado.




5th grade Continuation will be May 31st at 8:30am on the blacktop (weather permitting).  Final Day of School for 5th graders is May 31st.




May 09

Walk or Bike to School Day- Friday May 12th


Walk to Bike to School Day this Friday, May 12th

Join us as we participate in Walk or Bike to School Day!  Get some great exercise this Friday when you walk or bike to school.  We’ll have bike locks to secure our bikes during the day.  We hope to see fewer cars dropping off students and more walkers and bikers.  So lace up your sneakers, pump up your tires, dust off those helmets and start your day on a positive note!  Make sure to use the crosswalks and look for cars.


May 08

Final Day June 1st/Ultimo dia de clases para los estudiantes (Jueves, 1 ° de junio)

Thursday, June 1st

Final Day of School for Students

We will be ending our school year with a full day on Thursday, June 1st. We have some exciting changes coming to Doull for the 2017-2018 school year and our staff will begin preparations on June 2nd.


  • 5th grade Continuation will be May 31st at 8:30am on the blacktop (weather permitting)

  • Kinder Graduation will be June 1st at 8:10am in the auditorium

  • ECE Picnic will be June 1st at Harvey Park


Jueves, 1 ° de junio

Ultimo dia de clases para los estudiantes

Terminaremos nuestro año escolar con un día completo el jueves 1, de  junio. Tendremos algunos cambios interesantes para el próximo año escolar 2017-2018 y nuestro personal  iniciarán los preparativos el 2 de junio.


  • Continuación de 5to grado será el 31 de mayo a las 8:30 am en el patio de recreo (si el tiempo lo permite)

  • Graduación de 5to será el 1 de junio a las 08:10 am en el auditorio

  • Día de picnic de  ECE será el 1 de junio en Harvey Park

May 02

Skate City night is cancelled/ Se cancela la noche de patinaje en Skate City


We cancelled Skate City for tomorrow night.  We did not have enough student interest to have the Skate City bus come out.


Cancelamos nuestra noche de patinaje en Skate City mañana.  No tuvimos suficientes estudiantes interesados para asistir y para que viniera el autobús de Skate City.

May 02

Denver7 Book Dive featuring Room 207


3rd Grade teacher Kyle Schwartz and her 3rd grade students were happy to help Denver7 promote their awesome book drive.  Take a look at this article and video on Channel7 News.


May 01

Shakespeare Festival 2017

We are so incredibly proud of all of the students who preformed in Friday’s Shakespeare Festival downtown!  We are so proud of of our Doull Owls!  They even got to meet Mayor Hancock!

IMG_2266 IMG_2263 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7722 IMG_7723 IMG_7724 IMG_7725 IMG_7726 IMG_7728_2 IMG_7729 IMG_7730_2 IMG_7731 IMG_7732_2 IMG_7733 IMG_7734_2 IMG_7735 IMG_7736_2 IMG_7737 IMG_7738 IMG_7739 IMG_7740_2 IMG_7741 IMG_7742 IMG_7743 IMG_7710_2 IMG_7711 IMG_7712_2 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7716 IMG_7717


May 01

Room 201 featured on Channel 7 News!


Check out this 7 News story and video of some of our AMAZING students in room 201.  Last week they competed in the Special Olympics Track & Field Day!  We are so proud of you!





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