Sep 14

Dot Day Tomorrow, September 15th

Celebrate Creativity,Courage & Collaboration!

Imagine the power and potential of millions of people around the world connecting, collaborating, creating and celebrating all that creativity inspires and invites. I hope you will join the growing global community of creativity champions using their talents, gifts and energy to move the world to a better place.

Wear your dots tomorrow for International Dot Day, September 15th.

Sep 14

Skate City Night Pick-up at 6:00pm / Recojer a estudiantes a las 6:00pm


If your student is going on the Skate City bus after school today please remember to pick your student up in the front of the school at 6:00pm tonight.  Please leave the space directly in front of the school open for the 2 buses to drop us off.

Si su estudiante se va a ir en el camion de Skate City hoy despues de escuela, porfavor de recordar que tienen que recogerlos en frente de la escuela a las 6:00 pm de la tarde. Porfavor no se estacione en el espacio directamente enfrente de la escuela ya que ahi se van  estacionar los 2 camiones que nos van a regresar a la escuela.



Sep 08

Skate City Night is September 14th/ Dia de patinaje el 14 de Septiembre


Skate City Night is September 14th

You can ride the Skate city bus- bring your permission slip and money to reserve your spot on the bus.  This is a fund raiser for Doull so come out and support your school!

Dia de patinaje el 14 de Septiembre

Puedes irte en el autobús de Skate City, nadamas trae tu permiso y dinero para reservar tu lugar en el autobús. Estamos recaudando fondos para la escuela Doull asiesque ve y apoya tu escuela!

Sep 07

Check out the moves in room 115!!

The students in Mrs. Cisneros’s 2nd grade class have worked hard to learn the dance and moves to a school version of JuJu on that Beat during music class.  Check out our adorable little stars, click the link below!

Room 115 JuJu on That Beat

Sep 07



Back to School Night for Kindergarten and First Grade is Thursday, September 7th from 5:00-6:00 pm.

  • We will have two sessions for 30 minutes. We will start promptly at 5:00 and 5:30.
  • Daycare will be provided for children.


Regreso a la Escuela para Kinder y Primer Grado es el jueves, 7 de septiembre de 5:00-6:00 pm.

  • Tendremos dos sesiones de 30 minutos. Vamos a empezar puntualmente a las 5:00 y las 5:30.
  • Tendremos guardería para los niños.

Sep 05

Back to School Night for Kindergarten and First Grade is Thursday, September 7th/ Regreso a la Escuela para Kinder y Primer Grado es el jueves, 7 de septiembre


Back to School Night for Kindergarten and First Grade is Thursday, September 7th from 5:00-6:00 pm.

  • We will have two sessions for 30 minutes. We will start promptly at 5:00 and 5:30.
  • Daycare will be provided for children.


Regreso a la Escuela para Kinder y Primer Grado es el jueves, 7 de septiembre de 5:00-6:00 pm.

  • Tendremos dos sesiones de 30 minutos. Vamos a empezar puntualmente a las 5:00 y las 5:30.
  • Tendremos guardería para los niños.

Sep 03

Remember: No school- September 4! / No escuela 4 de Septembre


Sep 01

Colorado Honor Band visits Doull!

The Colorado Honor Band visited Doull on Wednesday to allow our students an opportunity to try out different instruments. Our 4th & 5th graders had an incredible time learning from these talented musicians. A big thank you to our music teacher Ms. Karissa for organizing this event!

21150424_1703040556393709_2974544907640728691_n 21151399_1703040813060350_3864751074348330529_n 21151772_1703040929727005_5649328270978711915_n 21191884_1703040493060382_8219190886727176900_n 21191991_1703041333060298_5208397517753333574_n 21192274_1703041086393656_2192752205221238867_n 21192404_1703040549727043_5469570370233700961_n 21192445_1703040793060352_6845366128138007059_n 21192499_1703040799727018_4059799148146198864_n 21192603_1703040499727048_6678946047531462572_n 21192932_1703040796393685_3999221522562843402_n 21192977_1703040913060340_7716733176050318411_n 21192985_1703040723060359_1726502816877138611_n 21230754_1703040559727042_203432489544000427_n 21230847_1703041329726965_8630458247429806958_n 21231793_1703041146393650_7880497170925743463_n 21231832_1703040489727049_5572215679278536338_n 21231929_1703041126393652_3287796530421840234_n

Sep 01

No school- September 4! / No escuela 4 de Septembre


Aug 29

Band Club / Club de Banda

music notes

Click here:

Parent Letter for Meeting SpEn

Doull 2017_flyer_draft %281%29

Doull 2017_flyer_CHBA 2017_Spanish %25281%2529 (1)

Aug 29

5th Grade creativity!

Our 5th graders were building an edible structure. Great teamwork and lots of creativity!21105429_1700212213343210_2994091138792476266_n 21105781_1700212216676543_846754052971246079_n 21105907_1700212126676552_7300926700826097591_n 21106744_1700212310009867_4772001551051199069_n 21106768_1700212133343218_4847827634158954689_n 21106903_1700212220009876_6595632005385525924_n 21150005_1700212086676556_8191717389636703485_n 21150038_1700212080009890_6272089906531871621_n 21150210_1700212130009885_9162021720697785652_n 21151244_1700212083343223_5199080319939486928_n 21151291_1700212090009889_4724554076566787899_n 21151338_1700212136676551_830788509479536513_n 21191954_1700212206676544_4325977021125809902_n

Aug 29

Room 215 Team Building!

Some exciting team building was happening in room 215 on Friday! We believe in the power of collaboration, teamwork and problem solving! Check out our 4th graders finding clues to open the breakout box.

21078845_1700038066693958_7412157958229357746_n 21078850_1700038133360618_7974259371283954822_n 21105879_1700037983360633_6046264580484927814_n 21105953_1700037940027304_5431404047545359772_n 21106444_1700038136693951_6242741139507549472_n 21106838_1700037946693970_6863392317780378445_n 21106860_1700037943360637_4942959895549139006_n 21150348_1700037950027303_9199617426050788558_n 21150421_1700038143360617_5948923034252322555_n 21151304_1700038220027276_1139359365739639148_n 21151606_1700038056693959_2576953119662966602_n 21191930_1700038060027292_8018357048930690125_n 21192240_1700037990027299_3193812020561841353_n 21192357_1700038140027284_3197529421569408582_n 21192442_1700037986693966_7912289890392895704_n 21192492_1700038053360626_7968680570273420313_n 21192694_1700038233360608_987100090654477936_n 21231122_1700037996693965_5997294492753108445_n

Aug 24

Solar Eclipse

Such a memorable first day of school, thanks to Mother Nature!  We welcomed in the 2017 school year by gazing up at the phenomenal eclipse.  It was such an awesome first day at Doull Elementary! 20915289_1692950087402756_6275713118673211146_n 20915333_1692932970737801_7024983408333778598_n 21034469_1692934260737672_6175695292056547997_n 21032683_1692934460737652_7569562175004558232_n 21032677_1692933130737785_5413431560487113788_n 21032527_1692932854071146_1675267444431600192_n 20994258_1692933410737757_4381154910091876826_n 20994058_1692950024069429_4128218228466803866_n 20993997_1692950007402764_5887187835689795844_n 20993941_1692933197404445_4399340639847729863_n 20993848_1692950160736082_6198087869668936436_n 20993081_1692933694071062_2576246152406333290_n 20992939_1692934084071023_6557244215952038377_n 20992872_1692933414071090_7266134787574935001_n 20992799_1692932420737856_3570829474435124656_n 20992667_1692934104071021_2946986621554089135_n 20992618_1692934697404295_1181509102057099614_n 20992572_1692932824071149_6670903839743120709_n 20992555_1692932760737822_746475969263110545_n 20954064_1692933037404461_5791601189493905603_n 20953985_1692934807404284_170423494235910279_n 20953849_1692934210737677_443912920738812152_n 20953685_1692932634071168_2616431369879308862_n 20953651_1692932707404494_5837354879415967771_n 20953638_1692932560737842_7519104280883486063_n 20953546_1692933610737737_4352087856171062894_n 20953473_1692933750737723_6745264131890872389_n 20953432_1692934504070981_4307147450532213071_n 20953421_1692932550737843_9194109726868478533_n 20953405_1692933477404417_8419541738747530983_n 20953400_1692933340737764_8389995866434507980_n 20953222_1692934077404357_2420454032481949300_n 20953025_1692950180736080_767002057076582627_n 20952971_1692932307404534_7041119456313845888_n 20915569_1692934344070997_1749578668817597100_n 20915356_1692950057402759_5792671095123493976_n 20915333_1692932970737801_7024983408333778598_n 20915289_1692950087402756_6275713118673211146_n

Aug 19

Solar Eclipse on our first day back to school!!

UnknownThe first day of school is always so awesome, but this year we have some added excitement.  We are gearing up for  the Solar Eclipse and we’ve got 500 eclipse glasses ready for the BIG school-wide event!!! So exciting!!  Can’t wait to see our 1st – 5th graders on the first day of school on August 21st!!  


Aug 17


We had a great turnout last night at our annual Meet & Greet! Thank you to all the families who took the time to stop by and meet our teachers! We are so excited to have our students back…..we’ve missed them!!

See you on Monday at 7:50am.  ALL teachers will be on the blacktop to pick up their classes, please come around to the meet your teachers.  ALL teachers (Kinder-5th) dismiss students to the playground at 3:00pm.

All Kinder-5th grade parents will say goodbye to their students on the playground when the bell rings so that we can get learning started and build our students independence!  If parents are in the hallway they need to first check in at the office and have a visitors badge.  Thank you in advance for helping us keep our students and our building safe at all times!

ECE is in a new wing of our building and we now have a private entrance for our ECE parents and ECE students only!  Only ECE parents and students will be allowed in our East entrance by the garden.  All other students, including ECE siblings should meet their teachers on the blacktop.


Tuvimos una gran participación anoche en nuestro evento para conocer a los maestros y salones! Gracias a todas las familias que tomaron el tiempo para venir!  Estamos muy emocionados de tener a nuestros estudiantes de regreso ….. los extrañamos !!

Nos vemos el lunes a las 7:50 de la mañana. Todos los maestros estarán en el patio de recreo para recoger a su clases, por favor de estar ahí en la mañana para que vean a sus maestros. TODOS los maestros (Kinder-5to grado) despedirán a su clase en el patio de recreo a las 3:00pm.

Todos los padres Kinder-5º grado despedirán  a sus estudiantes en el patio de recreo cuando suene el timbre para poder comenzar con nuestras clases a tiempo y construir nuestra independencia con nuestros estudiantes! Si los padres están en el pasillo necesitarán firmar en la oficina primero y tener un gafete de visitante. Gracias de antemano por ayudarnos a mantener nuestros estudiantes y nuestro edificio seguro en todo momento!

ECE está en una nueva ala de nuestro edificio y ahora tenemos una entrada privada para nuestros padres y estudiantes de ECE solamente! Sólo los padres  y los estudiantes de ECE serán permitidos en esta nueva entrada localizada al Este por el jardín. Todos los otros estudiantes, incluyendo a los hermanos de estudiantes de ECE deberían ver a sus maestros en el patio de recreo.


Aug 15

Meet & Greet, August 17th / Noche Para Conocer Y Saludar A Los Maestros, El 17de Agosto

Click the link below about Meet & Greet Night on August 17th!

meet & greet2015

meet&greet spanish

Aug 15

Kinder Testing August 21st-23rd/ Evaluaciones de Kinder 21-23 de Agosto


Our kindergarten students will start school on Thursday, August 24th.   Your kindergartener will need to come to school for their beginning of the year assessment scheduled on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd. If you haven’t scheduled this testing yet, please call the main office at 720-424-8000 so we can schedule a time for your kindergartener.  All students need to complete testing prior to beginning on Thursday the 24th.  Thank you!

Nuestros estudiantes de Kinder empezaran la escuela el jueves 24 de agosto. Su hijo/a tendrá que venir a tomar una evaluación inicial el dia 21, 22 o 23 de agosto. Si no ha escogido un horario para la evaluación, favor de llamar a la oficina principal al 720-424-8000 para que podamos seleccionar un horario para su hijo/a. Todos los estudiantes necesitan completar la evaluación antes de comenzar el jueves 24. ¡Gracias!

Aug 10



This is a reminder for all families who have not yet registered their student online.  Friday August 11th, is the last day to register your student for the 2017/2018 school year.  To register your student you must log into your parent portal account at:


  • Go to announcements at the top of the page

  • Go to the inbox

  • Click on the 2017-2018 school verification message

  • Begin verification

  • Choose the language you wish to complete the verification

  • And submit

If you are having issues logging into your parent portal account you should email the parent portal team at and they will help to restore your username and password.

Remember that your child’s lunch application must also be submitted online at in order for your student to be fully registered.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the office at 720-424-8000.

Este es un recordatorio para todas las familias que aún no han registrado su estudiante vía internet.  El  viernes, 11 de agosto es el último día para registrar a su estudiante para el año escolar 2017/2018. Para registrar a su estudiante debe entrar en su cuenta del portal de los padres en:


  • Ir a los anuncios en la parte superior de la página

  • Haga clic donde dice Inbox

  • Elija el mensaje 2017-2018 verificación de escuela

  • Comience la verificación

  • Elija el idioma en el que desea completar la verificación

  • Complete la verificación y someta su aplicación

Esta es la manera más rápida y eficiente para registrar a su estudiante.  Si está teniendo problemas y no puede ingresar  a su cuenta del portal de los padres, envíe un correo electrónico al equipo del portal de padres a y le ayudarán a restaurar su nombre de usuario y contraseña.

Recuerde que también debe completar la solicitud de almuerzo de su estudiante vía internet en la pagina: para que su estudiante esté totalmente registrado. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta llame al 720-424-8000.


Aug 10

REGISTRATION DEADLINE AUGUST 11th / 11 de Agosto del 2017


Don’t miss the deadline!  Register online for the 2017 school year at Doull.

2017-2018 Registration

Aug 01

Register online for the 2017-2018 school year at Doull


It’s almost time for school…don’t forget to register your students for the 2017-2018 school year.

Click below for more information.  All families will register online.

2017-2018 Registration


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